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Supplier responsibility



We go deep into our supply chain to enforce our social and environmental standards.


Accountability and improvement — for our suppliers and for ourselves — are among our core objectives. So we continually strengthen our Supplier Code of Conduct to help implement safer and more ethical working conditions.

When we find noncompliance, which we do in every audit, we partner with suppliers and work onsite to drive change. And then we work to raise the bar even higher.

Labor & Human Rights


We demand that suppliers treat workers fairly and ethically at all times.


Every supplier that does business with BrandCharger must demonstrate the highest commitment to protecting workers’ rights. This includes abiding by a maximum 60-hour workweek. Last year, 100 percent of all our suppliers’ workweeks were compliant with our 60-hour maximum standard. It also means holding suppliers accountable to ethical hiring practices.

Health & Safety


We insist on safe and healthy facilities for all workers.


Whether it’s in Rotterdam or Shenzhen, worker safety is of paramount importance. We’ve found that well-trained managers and employees are essential to the process. Since 2011 we require BSCI compliance from all our manufacturers.



We hold our products and processes to the highest environmental standards.


Our planet has a finite amount of precious resources. We’re doing our part to conserve them, including half a billion gallons of freshwater, through our Clean Water Program. And by educating managers on air pollution control and other subjects through our 18-month, 19-course EHS Academy. It’s an ongoing effort, but we’re committed to making Apple products and processes safer for people and the planet.