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Urban mobility


The sustainable♻ smart anti-theft sling/hip bag

Made from 2.5 recycled♻ 500 ml PET bottles

Crosspack, anti theft sling/hip bag. Designed for modern nomads, with a durable urban-inspired aesthetic combined with everyday functionality. Versatility is at the heart of Crosspack from tough padded construction fortified by cut resistent Cordura® Fabric that keeps your belongings secure on any trip. Furthermore, organisation is taken to the next level with a number of smart pockets, incorporation of RFID bag security and comfort points for a premium carrying experience. 

Now you can stop watching your bag and look up to see the world in front of you. Our built-in 3-Point Anti-Theft security buckle will protect your valuables from pickpockets and thieves. Crosspack uses slash-resistant Cordura® Fabric on all 4 sides and the bottom body panels, a slash-resistant wire reinforced strap, a hidden zipper; and a RFID blocking organizer. 

Packs your belongings with peace of mind.

​ Wear Crosspack as a belt bag, cross-body or over the shoulder for a cool and stylish look.

Easy for you to open/close. Hard for thieves to open unnoticed.

You can’t open what you can’t see. Prevent from thieves opening your bag.

Functional inner compartments, big enough to bring a bottle of water & umbrella.

With a padding of 10 mm (0.4 inch) thick, Crosspack makes sure your belongings are protected against shocks and drops.

CORDURA® fabrics are made with high tenacity nylon 6,6 filament yarns and offer enhanced tear, abrasion and cut resistance.

The slash-resistant wire reinforced strap prevents thieves from “cut and run”.

The hidden RFID compartment prevent skimmers from receiving a signal from your documents or cards.

Semi hidden and 3 point opening mechanism prevents thieves from steeling your bag.

“ Get ready to run with a crosspack secured and done!”

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