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Press info

Press release BrandCharger® opens new office in Shenzhen China

August 20, 2017

We have opened a new office in Shenzhen (China) to accommodate and expand our product development department.

By moving our Product Development department to Shenzhen Valley Ventures (Shenzhen, China), the Silicon Valley of Asia, we have made the next step to be ready for the future and stay ahead of the competition.
We are very excited about this development and look forward to develop even better products for our clients.    

BrandCharger Ltd & PSL Europe join forces to move the market!

July 16, 2017

By joining forces with PSL Europe we are confident we will create a stronger position in the European market.
We will be able to offer what we lacked in the passed to successfully operate in Europe:

  • Local stock availability

  • Professional distribution network

  • Improved delivery conditions

  • Payment terms (up to 60 days)

Press release - BrandCharger® and Skross exclusive partnership

June 28, 2017

BrandCharger® and SKROSS® have started a partnership, bringing 2 worlds together; award winning corporate gifts and Swiss-designed travel adapters.

BrandCharger will be supplying SKROSS® products almost worldwide and exclusively in Asia and the Middle East for the corporate gift industry. Operating with stock in The United States, Austria, Middle East and China (Hong Kong / Shenzhen).

Press release – BrandCharger ready for the next step, in search for partner/investor

May 30, 2016

After 5 successful years BrandCharger is currently exploring strategic partners/investors to grow further.

With a focus on unique smartphone accessories, we are in a position to seize great market opportunities prevalent in the corporate gifting industry as well as retail. Our intention is to both expand sales in existing markets and expanding to new markets, including Asia, Russia and South America. Secondly we aspire to grow our line of top quality innovative smartphone accessories and electronic gadgets by launching more great products in the years to come.

If you are the person/company we are looking for, contact us.

Press release - BrandCharger expands its lifestyle products with “Glow”

May 11, 2016

BrandCharger expands its lifestyle products with “Glow”

Whether a smartphone, tablet or e-book reader, USB powered devices have become permanent fixtures in every household. Glow is the definitive solution to keep you charged combined with a comfortable night light as well.

Now that’s a bright idea!

Press release BrandCharger® - The next level: Trademark in USA

May 08, 2016

After successfully registering the European trademark (OHIM) BrandCharger, one of the most dominant players in the Gift & Premium industry for tech products, moves to the next level by successfully registering the BrandCharger trademark in the United States of America.

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