Clipboard Pro

Clipboard Pro, doubling as a laptop utility belt and desk stand/organiser in one, is the perfect gadget for modern nomads.

This desk organizer offers a 15W fast wireless charging (adjustable) phone stand, a clipboard, two magnetic docks, a pen holder, card holder, a cable clip and a phone stand. Organizing a clean desk has never been easier!

This utility belt straps to your laptop, much like an elastic bookmark. Clipboard Pro even has an integrated foldable laptop stand to create an ergonomic workspace anywhere!

Size: 32 x 23 cm (diagonal 13 inch)

The product contains 50% RCS certified recycled polyester, Certified by ESTS-221329

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This product is made of 1.5 recycled PET Bottles


Made of RPET

Certified sustainability The Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) is a international, voluntary standard that set requirements for thirdparty certification of recycled input and chain of custody. The shared goal of the standards is to increase the use of recycled materials.
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Fast Wireless Charger

15W fast charge, adjustable phone stand compatible with all Qi-enabled devices.


Smart Fold Design

Stylish and practical design. Unfold the Clipboard to transform into a laptop stand.

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Integrated Laptop Stand

Creates a comfortable viewing angle and maximum airflow to keep your laptop cooled.  

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Desk organizer

A clipboard, two magnetic docks, a pen holder, card holder a cable clip and a phone stand.

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Grippy Silicone Band

For a quick and practical attachment to your laptop.  

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Designed for 13”-16”

Clipboard’s 13 inch size is designed to be used with 13”-16” computers.  (displayed in above picture with Microsoft Surface Book 15")

Ultimate gadget for modern nomads.

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Clarico-3 Columns Style 5

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